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You Made History

happyvols.jpgAll the people involved in the Election Protection coalition — including the unprecedented 25,000 volunteers — worked together to document thousands of voting problems around the nation and rectify many of them on Election Day. It remains to be seen how many of the flaws in the November 2nd vote were corrected in time to save legal votes, but there is no question that our election systems were healthier thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in the effort to protect the vote. All the members of the Election Protection Coalition offer a heartfelt thanks to the tens of thousands of patriotic citizens who took time out of their regular life to take a stand for democracy.

Freedom Fall

Our 25,000 volunteers came by plane, bus, train and carpool to take part in the largest Election Protection effort in history.

Our volunteers worked in locations from Florida to Nevada, Pennsylvania to New Mexico, Ohio to Colorado, and 11 other states in between, making sure that every person who wanted to vote could vote and have that vote count.

Keep the drive going. Urge Congress and the media to investigate the numerous reported election problems.

Support the Ohio recount effort, along with a nationwide examination of voting procedures. Continuing to improve our election procedures will aid the work of restoring the people’s trust in our democratic process.

Continue to support the Election Protection program in our efforts to ensure everyone who wants to vote can vote and that every vote is counted.

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